Setting up Wayne Connect Email

   If you are using the C&IT web based email (through pipeline,, or, you do not have to make any changes.

   If you are using,,, or for your email, you do not have to make any changes.

   If you are forwarding you mail from Wayne Connect to another e-mail provider (like gmail or comcast), you do not have to make any changes if you are reading you email from that provider.

   The links below show settings in order to use Wayne Connect email using client software on your computer. These settings have been tested both on and off campus. Your current settings must be changed by June 30 or your email will stop working after that date. You can make the required changes now. You do not have to wait until June 30 to make the changes.

     It is not a good time to consider making major changes in your email (like changing from POP to IMAP or changing e-mail clients). Your best bet is to make the changes which must be made by June 30. Sometime after June 30, you can look at major changes after you are sure everything is working correctly.


Office 365 settings

The Wayne Connect documentation provided by C&IT can be found here.

    The following shows the required settings changes for common email packages.

     If you require assistance in changing you settings or if you do not see your email client listed above, please submit a help request using the form located here. Please include you home phone number if the problem is with your home machine. Please have a phone available near your computer if we return you call at your home number.